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1 June 2020


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For the rest of May, you can get any number of a selection of books that are in KU but currently FREE. The first book in my Hero series, Gold Medal Hero, is among them. Check them out here and grab some now!

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9 May 2020
23 April 2020
Coping under Lockdown

We're all under stress at present due to Covid-19 and what better way to ease that tension than with a good book?

Romance writer Leeanna Morgan has put together an amazingly varied list of published books to showcase to you and I've been fortunate enough to have one of mine included.

There's something here for all tastes, from heart-warming romance to cozy mystery and from science fiction to psychological thrillers.

So, stretch out on your hammock - or your most comfortable chair - click the link to access the list,  then download a book and relax.

Keep safe and keep well!


13 April 2020

The whole world is in crisis.

In New Zealand, we are now in Lockdown - for at least four weeks. Our borders have been closed to everyone except for any returning citizens who've managed to get on a flight. We all have to stay home, forming a bubble with other family members. Other than the few people who are still required to work, the only times the rest of us can leave our homes is either for essential services like supermarket shopping, or for exercise, but then, we must either walk or cycle to the venue. 


We're constantly being advised to wash our hands frequently and for twenty seconds each time, also to avoid touching our faces, and if we do come across another person, we must keep two metres apart. This last rule even applies to when we're in the supermarket, meaning access is limited to a certain number of customers at a time, resulting in some very long queues outside. 


Everywhere, businesses have closed. The streets are practically deserted and people are worried - about their jobs, their rent and mortgages, and their future livelihoods, even though the government has already started distributing hand-outs. 

Other countries are much worse off.

 My thoughts are with you all, wherever you are and whatever your situation. Stay safe, people. Adhere to the experts' advice in protecting yourselves and your families, friends, and neighbors. Even if your government hasn't ordered you to stay home, please do.


Once infected, it can take up to ten days for symptoms to show, so pretend you already have the disease and keep away from others for fear of infecting them, too. Only by adhering to this viewpoint will we beat this terrible disease and bring the world out of the current danger. 

Please, take care.


Wash your hands, and stay safe!
Great News!

One of the annual competitions run by Romance Writers of New Zealand is the Koru Award for the best published novel. An off-shoot of this award is the Best First Book competition and this year, my first book qualified. 

And WON!

Yes, my first published book, GOLD MEDAL HERO, won an award.

Isn't that amazing?

Of course I'm absolutely thrilled, especially when it came with this beautiful trophy that I get to KEEP! Also a certificate and a rosette that I could have worn at Conference after the awards presentation.

Pity I didn't attend but by the time the finalists were announced, the conference was already booked out.

I hope you read the book, and enjoy it.




Check out this review for my first book Gold Medal Hero, posted on BookBub by New York Times Best Selling Author, romance writer Leeanna Morgan: 

'It is always a privilege to read a debut author's novel and Jena Petrie's book, "Gold Medal Hero", is no exception. Bailey and Connor were wonderful characters and the setting of New Zealand added extra charm to a great story.' 

-5 stars

If you haven't read the novel yet, perhaps that might persuade you to get a copy. It's only available on Amazon here.

However if you've already read and enjoyed it, please consider posting a review. Reviews are very important in helping other potential readers decide if the book is right for them.


Why not try out my writing by visiting the Free Reads page for my latest short story?


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