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Hero Series

All the books in the Hero series are connected but cna be read in any order.

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Can injured Pete turn a rescue into a romance with his caring neighbor Nurse Michelle?

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Book 1: 

Gold Medal Hero

Connor Freeman knows what it’s like to win the biggest prize in his sport. Now home from the Olympics, he’s busy touring the country talking to groups about his experiences and boosting the sport’s profile. The trouble is, he’s worn out, with zero enthusiasm. With training starting again in only a few days, he’s almost out of time as well. Time to find a solution.

Enter journalist Bailey Stoddart. Desperate to keep her job, she needs to impress her boss with a high-profile article, and who better to interview than the darling of the national rowing squad? But is it safe to accept Connor’s solution of spending a weekend away together, with his bad-boy reputation?

As love begins to grow between them, a past mistake threatens to tear them apart. Can gorgeous Bailey really be the solution Connor craves, or will her goals destroy his forever?

* * *

Book 2: Unlikely Hero 

Rowing coach Jeff Nicholls is trying to come to terms with a marriage breakup and the loss of access to his stepdaughter.

Teacher Lauren Whitby is trying to cope with her father’s deteriorating health and her family’s antagonism.

Their problems pull them into a relationship that’s a welcome distraction - until a devastating family secret is revealed.

Will it strengthen their friendship, or tear them apart?


* * *

Book 3: Soldier Hero

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A traumatized soldier.

A former army nurse.

She’s the last person he wants near.

PTSD sufferer Vaughan Stoddart is hiding out in a rehab center after serving in Afghanistan – until his sister asks him to give her away at her wedding. Guilt-ridden for ignoring her, he visits to check on this new fiancé.

Formerly an army nurse in Afghanistan, visiting Englishwoman Dani recognizes Vaughan’s symptoms and due to their common background, a friendship soon develops. But when she accidentally reveals a secret that impacts his own life, he spirals into despair.

With his trust in her broken, how will they find the happy-ever-after they both deserve?

* * *

Book 4: Reluctant Hero

When roading engineer Selena returns home to fill a short-term job contract, she has just one goal—to concentrate on her career. A social life is not important—until she meets barman Harry. His easy-going attitude is a welcome change from her serious job.

When she comes up against the mayor in a battle over an intersection design, it’s just as well Harry’s on her side—or is he?

When his loyalty is put to the test, can he change enough to prove his love as the hero she needs, or will he cave under pressure and allow her to walk away?


Jena Petrie

Author of Sweet Romances 

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