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Are you bored? Need a new story as a pick-me-up? Or want an escape from the hum-drum of your life? Or simply looking for a new Sweet Romance to read? 
Whatever the reason, why not check out my Hero series of Sweet Romances with a FREE prequel?

Just sign up for my newsletter and it can be yours, and the start of a new journey - to receive some glimpses into my writing, other books includi
ng more freebies, and me.

So fill out the form below, click Confirm, and you'll receive the prequel novella about fun-loving Pete and his lovely neighbor Michelle.

Accidental Hero book cover showing a young woman standing behind a young man and rubbing cheeks together with her arm over his shoulder, and below, crutches leaning against a bench in a green park

Prequel novella
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The Hero Series so far
Gold Medal Hero book cover showing man kissing woman's cheek while she smiles, and a rower on a sunset-orange lake
 Book 1,
Hero Series
Unlikely Hero book cover showing young couple laughing together, above a picture of a beach with a young girl jumping for joy, and a large hill in the distance
 Book 2,
Hero Series
Soldier Hero book cover showing yoiung couple with foreheas together, and a scene with two people carrying a stretcher toward a helicopter in golden-hazey atmosphere
 Book 3,
Hero Series
Reluctant Hero cover showing a youing couple gazing at each other and smiling, and below, a lake in evening purple
 Book 4,
Hero Series
Coming Soon!
Long Lost Hero book cover showing a young woman with her head on the shoulder of a young man who's smiling, and below, a row of round boulders on an evening-pink beach
Long Lost Hero

Book 5,
Hero Series

Jena Petrie

Author of Sweet Romances 

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