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The romances I write have a mild heat level but I'm sorry to say, many of my characters swear. Of course they don't mean to but it happens that way sometimes.
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Below is an introduction to my books although there's more detail on the BOOKS page.

hero series

All the books in Jena's Hero series are connected but each is complete in itself. 

Book 1 

Gold Medal Hero

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Only a miracle can save Bailey Stoddart’s journalist job: unless she scoops some dirt on visiting Olympic gold medal rower Connor Freeman.


But Connor doesn’t give interviews.


The euphoria from his Olympic win has faded and left him depressed. He’ll lose his place in the crew if he can’t regain his enthusiasm before training resumes in a few days. The only person who could possibly help? A nosy newshound with the contacts to broadcast his problem to the world.


As their unexpected friendship develops into more, a past mistake threatens to destroy everything. Can he persuade Bailey to stay and keep up her support? Or has this challenge become even greater than winning that Olympic gold medal?

Book 2 

Unlikely Hero

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After a painful marriage break-up, rowing coach Jeff Nicholls invites school teacher Lauren Whitby's support as he fights for visiting rights to his stepdaughter.

For Lauren, helping him is a welcome distraction from the emotional stress of her father's deteriorating health.


​Their difficult circumstances pull them into a relationship but when a devastating family secret is revealed, will it tear them apart? 

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