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I've recently changed the tone of the romances I write. Now they have a more mild tone to fit in the category of Sweet Romance or Clean and Wholesome Romance. This means I've removed the swearing and made sure that the love scenes are behind closed doors. You'll be able to recognize the revised versions from the addition of the word SWEET in the sub-title.

Below are the covers of all the books I've published so far, although this is just a summary here. You'll find more detail on the BOOKS page.

Although the books in the Hero Series are complete in themselves, they're best read in the correct order. All the main characters are connected through friends or family and started with a rower, no doubt due to my past experience as a rower and parent of rowers! With that background, it was probably inevitable that I'd write a story about someone involved in the sport.

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Gold Medal Hero Sml.jpg
Book 1
Unlikely Hero Sml.jpg
Book 2
Soldier Hero Sml.jpg
Book 3
Reluctant Hero Revised cover.jpg
Book 4

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Jena Petrie

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