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It's great to have you here!
 The best way to learn more about my Sweet Romance books, the characters in them, and me, is to fill out the form below to join my mailing list. You'll receive a prequel novella to my Hero series, Accidental Hero, absolutely FREE.

Besides information on my books and me, my newsletters often include details on promotions and free books by other authors that might interest you. 

If you ever what to contact me, you can do it using the Contact page of this website, or www.jena@jenapetrie/contact

Each book in my Hero Series is complete in itself but they're b
est read in the correct order. 
Although the series begins with a rower, the sport is much less significant in Book 2, and even less so in the other books. 

Here's hoping you enjoy them!
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The Hero Series so far
Gold Medal Hero Sml.jpg
 Book 1,
Hero Series
Unlikely Hero Sml.jpg
 Book 2,
Hero Series
Soldier Hero Sml.jpg
 Book 3,
Hero Series
Reluctant Hero Revised cover.jpg
 Book 4,
Hero Series

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Jena Petrie

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